Worry about player safety, not my socks

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. — While answering a query about Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa‘s harm state of affairs and player protection, Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey took the dialog in every other path Saturday.

“Player safety should be one of the most important things to talk about,” Ramsey stated. “It should probably be talked about more. And then s— like getting fined for socks … or s— like getting fined for tights or BS or anything like that. … That needs to not be talked about as much.”

Ramsey, who stated he has been fined each week this season for a uniform violation, stated he thinks the league will have to be much less involved about the colour of his socks and as an alternative center of attention on speaking extra about player protection.

“That’s the stuff that they need to put an emphasis [on],” Ramsey stated. “Not freaking, oh his socks are too high or his socks are too low or something like that. That’s so lame. I’m so beyond that.”

Ramsey stated he will get fined each week, in spite of checking with the individual accountable for uniform pointers at the sideline earlier than every recreation. He stated his Week 1 advantageous for dressed in knee pads that did not duvet his knees was once lowered after he despatched in an enchantment, with picture proof. He stated he was once fined in Weeks 2 and three as a result of he did not have the correct socks on.

“I’m going to continue to get fined because I’m going to be swaggy out there,” Ramsey stated. “I’m going to wear the same thing this week too, so I’m ready for the fine. Come on with it, right?

“But I play the sport with integrity, proper? I play the sport the correct manner. I check out to ensure persons are protected. Like clearly I wish to move available in the market and harm my combatants and strike worry and all that. But I do not wish to injure no person. But that is what the sport is about. It’s not about the opposite BS. I simply want possibly I may get started the dialog at this time.

“… If we want to go out there and look good and it ain’t hurting the integrity of the game, why are y’all fining me $10,000 for my socks? That don’t make no sense.”

Ramsey stated he’ll fit the cash he is fined this season and donate it to a charity.

He additionally stated he has an issue with the NFL opting for to advantageous avid gamers for uniform violations however then getting cash off the avid gamers and what they are dressed in.

“We’re not taking away from the integrity of the game,” Ramsey stated. Who cares about that, proper? These youngsters assume that is cool. They wish to advantageous us and do all of that, however then they wish to glorify us and advertise us and earn cash off people when guys are available in the market swagging out. And then they monetize it, proper? The youngsters, they going to wish to move purchase the stuff that we dressed in, proper?

“… I don’t know why they put such a high emphasis on that and then on the back end try to monetize off of it, right? It’s just lame to me.”

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