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After an unlucky 3-2 dissatisfied within the Commonwealth Coast Conference Quarterfinals in opposition to Curry College that ended their record-breaking season remaining yr, the Women’s Hockey staff is having a look to dance again in 2023.

Team co-captain Madison Duff hopes that remaining yr’s dissatisfied is helping gas this staff’s hearth to win much more this season.

“I think it’s gonna light a fire under everyone, just because we worked hard all season, had a great year, and then to have it end so quick, like, that was just disappointing. I think everyone’s gonna remember that this year going into the playoffs,” stated Duff.

Pushing remaining yr’s dissatisfied to the 7th seed Curry apart, there’s a large number of pleasure heading into the yr from a staff that had its perfect common season listing ever remaining season.

“We’ve had a good first few days of practice. I’m just excited for the scrimmage next weekend to see how the different d-pairs and the different lines click together, and how the goalies do in the net and things like that,” stated head trainer Taylor Wasylk. “I’m really, really excited to get rolling!”

This yr will most likely finally end up being the remaining to function avid gamers who had been firstly at the staff right through the inaugural 2018-19 season, with only some avid gamers returning for his or her 5th yr.

“This past spring we graduated our inaugural class, so the class that started the program back in the fall of 2018. So we lost a lot of personality, a lot of leadership, a lot of experience, a lot of heart and soul, if you will,” stated Wasylk. “I think we have a really good class that’s come in this year of new people. There’s five new players, and it’s not so much about filling the shoes that were left behind, but coming in and making an impact right away.”

While assured that her new avid gamers will are available in and make an instantaneous have an effect on, trainer Wasylk famous that, with out that inaugural elegance, the staff wouldn’t be the place it’s nowadays.

“I don’t think the people that graduated are replaceable in any means, just because they were that first group that believed in the team and came in as freshmen having no idea what to expect. They had a brand new team, a brand new coach, and a brand new program and those people are kind of irreplaceable in my eyes,” stated Wasylk. “But it’s not about replacing them, so much as building off what they left. We have five of them that came back for a fifth year, so we’re really excited about that, half that class being back.”

Duff, a kind of fifth-year avid gamers, equipped some perception into what it’s love to be in a last season of collegiate sports activities.

“We had captains’ practices before [coach] Taylor got on the ice, and at our last captain’s practice we just did a bunch of drills. You get off the ice and you don’t really think, you’re just kind of in the moment, and then when you’re driving home you just kind of think to yourself ‘wow, that’s my last captains’ practice,’” stated Duff. “And then everything you do, it’s like ‘oh that’s the last time I’m gonna do this.’”

Looking ahead to this upcoming season, Duff stated the staff has a newfound sense of goal.

“So I think it’s just gonna be a really focused team and it’s kind of just like all eyes on the prize all year. We got one goal and that’s it, and we’re not gonna do anything to get in the way of that,” stated Duff. 

Another fifth-year participant, staff co-captain Shana Cote, seems to be to finish her Suffolk hockey occupation on a top observe.

“I’ve had a goal since freshman year that I wanted one hundred points in my college career, and I’m at ninety five. As a team goal, I think we want to win our conference and go to the NCAA [Tournament]. I think ending first in our conference and beating Endicott would be huge because we’ve never done that in regular season play,” stated Cote.

This staff is having a look to upward thrust above the top bar they set for themselves remaining season, and do even higher than simply successful 19 common season video games.

“We’re a handful of steps away from [winning the CCC and making it to the NCAA Tournament], we’ve got a lot of work to do, but it’s exciting. I think this group is certainly capable, they’re talented enough, etcetera. After last year and how we ended, I think they all want it bad enough,” stated Wasylk.

With avid gamers graduating, management must be changed, however the staff has all of the self assurance on the planet that trainer Wasylk will stay them not off course.

“Me and Shana, this will be our third year being captains so we’ve definitely got some experience under our belts, but one of our assistant captains last year, Payton Dockus, was a big voice on the team and wasn’t afraid to put people in their place when they needed to be,” stated Duff. “So that’s one thing we’re going to be missing, but I think [coach] Taylor will have that covered.”

The women’s hockey staff is on the lookout for strengthen from the Suffolk neighborhood as they head right into a season the place they consider they have got an actual probability at making it to the NCAA Tournament for the primary time.

“The more fans we have, the more energy they bring to the team which really makes a difference on the ice. I know it doesn’t seem like that from the stands, but it does make a difference,” stated Cote. 

Cote and the remainder of the women’s hockey staff start their season on Oct. 28 in opposition to Plymouth State and could have their house opener in opposition to UMass Boston the next day on Oct. 29.

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