Why Nationals GM Mike Rizzo feels MLB rule changes will ‘improve the game’

Rule changes in Major League Baseball are robotically met with backlash and disdain from fanatics, avid gamers, coaches, or just about someone who prefers the recreation to be performed the similar because it all the time has. 

The league’s newest spherical of rule changes, which come with banning defensive shifts in addition to imposing a pitch clock and bigger bases, are not any other. You should not have to seem a ways for any individual who is fearful those changes will ruin the integrity of the recreation and the game will stop to exist. 

Nationals basic Mike Rizzo, on the different hand, feels the pitch clock and the a large number of changes the league will installed position subsequent season will have to affect the recreation in a favorable method. 

“If it’s implemented correctly and handled correctly, I think it’ll change the game in a positive way,” Rizzo The Sports Junkies Wednesday. “If you’ve watched any minor league games, the pace of play is terrific. There’s way more action, way [less] dead time.”

MLB examined those rule changes in the minor leagues all through the 2022 marketing campaign and seem to love what it noticed. Run instances for video games have been a lot shorter, stolen base makes an attempt higher, and the greater bases avoided collisions in addition to “over-sliding” the place a participant slides proper over the base and loses touch with it. 


The pitch clock, particularly, might be the largest shift in play we have now observed in baseball in a very long time. Pitchers generally tend to paintings at a tempo that works for them, and the act of rushing a few of them up would possibly not get welcomed with open palms. However, Rizzo and the Nationals already inspire their pitchers to paintings briefly. 

“We keep telling our pitchers, ‘Work faster, get a flow, get a rhythm, set the pace,'” Rizzo stated. “We’re seeking to get our pitchers to get on the mound, get the signal, throw the pitch, stay the infielders engaged, stay the recreation shifting, get a just right tempo going and that form of factor.

“So, it’s going to be really interesting,” he stated. “In theory, I like the rule because it really, really works in the minor leagues. Now it’s all about how we’re going to implement it. How are the umpires going to handle it? How are the players going to react to it? That’ll be the litmus test to me for this rule change. But in theory, I really like it.”

Rizzo even went on to mention the pitch clock used to be a rule trade he is been advocating for now not most effective to reinforce the tempo of play, however the high quality of play as smartly. 

“It’s one of the rules that I really endorsed because I like a quicker-paced pitcher and, if you can handle the batter not stepping out and the pitcher not stepping off, I think it’s going to be a more entertaining game to watch,” Rizzo stated. “And it’s going to be a better game played. I think the defenses will be better, because who wants to sit around and 25, 30 seconds in between each pitch, and step-offs, and batters stepping out of the box? I think this will improve the game.”

Despite the professionals baseball fanatics will revel in subsequent season with those rule changes, there will inevitably be situations the place avid gamers are unsatisfied with this new way of living. For what it is value, Rizzo hasn’t heard too many lawsuits from the minor leagues.

“I know every minor league player that we bring to the big leagues and I talk to, they did not mind the pitch clock,” Rizzo stated. “I know when you talk to our young pitchers, I think that they’ve gotten used to it, they adjusted to it, and I think that a lot of them embraced it and liked it.”

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