West Warwick teen back playing hockey following serious crash

WEST WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — “I’m very lucky, to say the least. State Police even told me they don’t understand how I’m alive.”

Back in February, Kevin MacDonald used to be using together with his absolute best good friend and teammate, Matt Dennison, within the passenger seat after they have been hit head-on by means of an alleged under the influence of alcohol driving force in Exeter.

Kevin survived, however Matt died from his accidents a couple of weeks after the crash.

Now Kevin is back at the ice, doing one thing he wasn’t certain he would ever have the ability to do once more — play hockey.

“One of the things I remember being told in the hospital is that I may be playing goalie next year, and to think I’m on the ice in seven months is almost impossible, to say the least,” he recalled.

“I broke my arm and the break broke skin so I have two plates in my arm and on my femur I have a 20-inch rod on it and two screws in my leg,” he persevered. “Thankfully that’s all I have.”

His oldsters, Kristine Bouthillier and Jared MacDonald, have by no means been happier to be back inside of ice rinks once more.

“Kevin has put in a lot of work,” Jared mentioned. “The physical therapy, the rehab, and he’s really worked to get back out there.”

Kevin graduated from West Warwick High School in May and is now playing for the Rhode Island Blues U18 staff, with hopes of in the future playing in school.

“His first game out, that was emotional for more reasons than just him being out there,” Kristine mentioned. “He’s usually out there with Matt and now it’s just him.”

“I get goosebumps every time, if I said daily I don’t even think I’d be exaggerating,” Jared mentioned. “Seeing Kevin back out here now is great and we love it, but there is a piece that should be out there with him.”

Kevin says he helps to keep Matt in his ideas on a daily basis.

“I sleep with the stuffed animal I gave him in the hospital, that was given to me when I was in the hospital and gave to him to stay with him,” Kevin recalled. “I have his card with his picture on it at the funeral and flowers from when they buried him so I keep him in my thoughts.”

“He would definitely be happy for me,” he persevered.

Aside from the emotional and bodily scars, Kevin now has an enduring tattoo on his frame to honor his absolute best good friend.

“It has Matt’s birthday, the number 16, the time of day when he passed, 7:24 p.m., it’s his initials, Matthew Mark Dennison, and it’s the day he passed in romal numerals.”

Alexander Krajewski, a North Kingstown guy and previous Newport firefighter, used to be using the auto that hit Matt and Kevin.

Last month, he pleaded no longer responsible to fees of using underneath the affect leading to dying, using to hazard leading to dying, and two counts of using underneath the affect leading to serious physically harm.

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