UTPB Soccer Coach On Administrative Leave After Crazy Allegations

The girls’s football head trainer of the University of Texas Permian Basin, Carla Tejas, is on paid administrative go away whilst an investigation is going on after an nameless staff of avid gamers despatched out an e mail filled with accusations. Some of the allegations in opposition to the UTPB football trainer come with her asking avid gamers to pay her bail, kissing individuals of the boys’s football group, encouraging her avid gamers to injure combatants and extra.

Tejas satirically has featured on a podcast about construction group tradition.

Kayler Smith, the sports activities director for ABC Big 2 Sports, may have damaged some of the insane school football training tales. The extra you examine this Tejas tale the crazier it will get.

The incident has additionally won plenty of consideration after a TikTok summarizing the tale were given over a million perspectives. The TikTok described Tejas working the group very similar to the fictitious school soccer group “Blue Mountain State.”

The nameless staff of avid gamers put in combination a 1,154-word letter to the NCAA, Lone Star Conference and UTPB officers outlining the allegations. Here are all of the allegations indexed.

Allegations in opposition to UTPB football trainer Carla Tejas

  • Tejas, arrested for DWI in September, requested her avid gamers to pay her bail with some paying
  • Kissing individuals of the boys’s football group in public
  • Distributing alcohol to minors
  • Getting a purple card in a sport however then sneaking again into the stadium in hide to train by means of walkie-talkie
  • Bringing in a participant from Uruguay who may now not even cross to the varsity (introduced in September however hadn’t attended any categories and doesn’t have a dorm)
  • Encourages her avid gamers to foul and injure combatants
  • Uses emotionally abusing ways just like the silent remedy and isolation
  • Makes feedback on avid gamers’ weight and enforces a strict vitamin inflicting frame dysmorphia
  • Had a participant endure a stroke however then didn’t achieve out to that participant for days
  • Encourages her avid gamers to cheat on their schoolwork emphasizing football comes first
  • Plays favorites and most effective invitations them to her area to observe movie
  • Asks avid gamers for rides when she’s under the influence of alcohol


Tejas is in her first season with UTPB after strolling back from Louisiana Christian College. Former avid gamers of Tejas have began to talk out pronouncing that her training just about drove them to devote suicide with one making an attempt to take their very own existence.

One father or mother of a participant who performed for Tejas prior to now claimed they emailed UTPB athletic director Todd Dooley caution him of the trainer’s antics. The e mail stated that Tejas used to be placed on administrative go away at her remaining training gig in Louisiana for beside the point feedback to probably the most ladies.

“She intimidates them and threatens them if they don’t do exactly as she wants, they will not play, even if they are one of the best players on the team and works hard, she only plays her favorites, which in my opinion are girls from other countries and are on scholarships,” the father or mother stated within the e mail.

While the investigation is underway there are rumors that the college may nonetheless protect Tejas. Athletic director Dooley had no remark at the subject.

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