Tony Parker Admits His Love of Wine, Cheese Made It Hard to Stay Fit at Times

  • Former NBA All-Star Tony Parker is now a spouse at a French vineyard.
  • Parker instructed Insider that he has at all times beloved just right meals and wine and that it used to be a problem now not to indulge an excessive amount of all over his taking part in days.
  • Parker stated he solid an early reference to Gregg Popovich over wine and has loved seeing different avid gamers experience it, too.

Like many of us, Tony Parker has had to stability his love of just right foods and drinks with staying are compatible.

The San Antonio Spurs legend is now a spouse with French winemaker Michel Reybier’s Château La Mascaronn and fizz manufacturers. Parker instructed Insider that he has at all times beloved wine, however whilst he used to be taking part in within the NBA, he wanted self-discipline.

“I’m a big foody guy. I love to eat, that’s for sure,” Parker instructed Insider whilst selling the brand new partnership. “Love great food, love my cheese and my wine and all that kind of stuff. But I try to find a happy middle because I don’t want to be super heavy.”

Parker, who’s French, stated it used to be difficult at instances all over his profession to keep away from wine and just right meals, however there used to be additionally consistent motivation.

“I know if I ate it, I was not as good. So, I wanted to be good.”

Even now, in retirement, Parker hasn’t reasonably given into his cravings.

“My diet coach always tells me, like, the first two years when you retire, don’t take [on] too many pounds, because those ones, you’re never gonna lose them. Because as you’re getting older, it’s harder, obviously, to lose weight.”

Tony Parker looks on from the stands of an NBA game in 2022.

Tony Parker in 2022.

Michael Gonzales/NBAE by way of Getty Images

Parker, who retired after the 2018-19 season, stated that he has loved seeing NBA avid gamers develop to love wine and embody the tradition. Indeed, a rising quantity of avid gamers have change into professionals within the box, if now not winery homeowners and companions themselves.

Parker believes the exchange befell as tastes within the popular culture international started to shift.

“When I first arrived in 2001, the NBA guys, they were more into hard alcohol and the hip-hop world … And then the NBA changed a little bit,” Parker stated. “You had the NBA dress code, so everybody had to dress up. At the same time, the hip-hop world did the same thing, you know, with Jay-Z, Kanye, they were wearing more suits. And then they decided to be more involved with champagne, especially Jay-Z. And I feel like now the NBA is really like enjoying the good wines.”

Tony Parker and Gregg Popovich stand side by side and point during a Spurs game in 2018.

Tony Parker and Gregg Popovich solid a connection over wine.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Parker stated he discovered an early reference to Spurs head trainer Gregg Popovich over wine. Parker stated Popovich, who has his personal label with an Oregon vineyard, has some 3,000 bottles in his assortment and repeatedly reads wine magazines.

Parker knew he sought after to become involved within the trade aspect of wine whilst he used to be taking part in as a result of of the wine-based dinner events he would throw in San Antonio, regularly with famend winemakers. Popovich regularly attended those events.

“It was pretty cool for me to relate with my coach on that,” Parker stated. “At least if we didn’t agree on the basketball court, at least we can agree on the good wines that we are gonna drink after the game.”

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