Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line dives deeper into Series Quests, Endless World, Multi Battle, and more

Square Enix has shared more main points on Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line, the following access within the rhythm sport sequence that basically celebrates a plethora of iconic Final Fantasy track all over the sequence’ complete lifespan.

In its preliminary announcement a month in the past, it confirmed off a number of staple mechanics that construct the basis of the Theatrhythm sequence’ gameplay – Battle Music Stages (BMS), Field Music Stages (FMS), and Event Music Stages (EMS).

One of the brand new modes coming to Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line is Series Quests. Players can dive into 29 Final Fantasy titles to unencumber songs and characters. When a brand new name is unlocked, related characters bearing on it’s going to additionally unencumber too, even though clearing all of a name’s phases will let folks download enemy characters.

Endless World in Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line purposes in a similar way to a survival mode in a sport. Once this mode is unlocked and selected, avid gamers shall be taking part in randomly selected songs that up the trouble steadily as they growth. They can best have enough money to fail a quest two times; 3 failed quests in Endless World and it is over for that run.

Online multiplayer shall be coming to Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line and will reinforce as much as 4 avid gamers. Options for public and non-public rooms are to be had. In multiplayer phases, each and every participant can refill a Burst Gauge to unharness a capability that can impact the opposite avid gamers or assist them additional. At first, just one skill can also be actived at a time however the second one part of a level, that limitation is doubled amongst all avid gamers.

Some of those talents come with fats chocobos obscuring incoming notes to different avid gamers and some degree freeze that can halt avid gamers from gaining issues except they hit notes with a Critical or Rainbow Critical. CollectaCards are bought via Multi Battles; each and every participant can achieve them, even though first position will get dibs on deciding on the set that is selected for that example, adopted by way of 2d, 3rd, and ultimate position.

Theatrhythm:: Final Bar Line launches on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on February 16, 2023. If you are curious what songs shall be together with within the name, take a look at our complete track checklist, which additionally contains the entire songs unique to the Digital Deluxe Edition and the approaching DLC coming to it after release.


This new rhythm motion sport objectives to restore your fondest reminiscences of FINAL FANTASY via one of the crucial sequence maximum tough components: the track.

It’s filled with musical gem stones, sparsely decided on from throughout all the FINAL FANTASY sequence, from mainline numbered titles and remakes to side-stories, spin-offs and even soundtrack CDs!

As with the former video games within the sequence, you’ll press buttons to compare shifting triggers throughout a couple of level varieties, all of which check your reflexes, rhythm and figuring out of each and every track’s construction. As you’d be expecting, those inputs are easy to accomplish, however with a couple of issue ranges and some in reality devilish beats, you’ll to find your talents examined in ways in which make it very tricky to prevent taking part in.

It additionally includes a large solid of 104 super-adorable stylized FINAL FANTASY characters, from iconic heroes like Cloud, Squall and Lightning to deeper dives that can take advantage of devoted FINAL FANTASY enthusiasts ‘ooh’ in pride.

It’s additionally the most important choice of songs ever integrated in a THEATRHYTHM sport, with a staggering 385 tracks integrated in the usual version on my own. Plus there may be intensive add-on content material coming that includes track from past the FINAL FANTASY sequence.

So, that’s the extensive assessment – let’s take a better have a look at the other components of the sport, beginning with in all probability your largest query…

…how does the sport in reality play?

The fundamentals of gameplay


As you play, other circles will transfer around the display. The purple, yellow, and inexperienced circles are referred to as “Triggers”.

When Triggers overlap with the white circles to the correct of the display – referred to as “Trigger Marks” – you should make a well-timed transfer with a button or stick!

Each Trigger calls for a special enter:

  • Touch Trigger (purple circle): Press a button.
  • Slide Trigger (yellow circle with arrow): Move the analogue stick within the route of the arrow. If there are two arrows, you’ll have to make use of two sticks!
  • Hold Trigger (inexperienced circle and inexperienced line): Hold a button in the course of the cause and let pass on the finish.
  • Hold-Slide Trigger (inexperienced circle and line with arrow on the finish): Hold a button in the course of the cause, and transfer the stick within the route of the arrow on the finish.

Difficulty ranges


THEATRHYTHM FINAL BAR LINE has a couple of issue ranges – all songs can also be performed at Basic, Expert or Ultimate issue. That implies that the sport can also be performed by way of a wide variety of avid gamers.

If (like me), you’re a little bit of klutz in the case of retaining a beat, Basic is a good way to be informed the ins and outs of each and every track – you’ll be able to at all times pass as much as Expert when you’ve got more self belief.

If you’re an skilled hand at track video games, you must check out the Ultimate issue degree – this may increasingly give your digits and your sense of rhythm an actual work-out.

Approximately a 3rd of songs even have get admission to to a fourth issue degree: Supreme. This one’s for the actual rhythm-action savants – just right good fortune!

Music phases

Different songs will play in numerous tactics, with 3 Music Stages:

BMS: Battle Music Stage


With BMS phases, you’ll defeat waves of enemies in time with up-tempo fight track! The observe being performed within the shot above is Veiled in Black from FINAL FANTASY XV, composed by way of the incomparable Yoko Shimomura!

FMS: Field Music Stage


In those phases, you’ll adventure forth along with your birthday celebration with stress-free box track. The observe proven above is The Dalmasca Estersand, from Hitoshi Sakimoto’s sensible FINAL FANTASY XII soundtrack.

EMS: Event Music Stages


In those phases, you’ll play to the beat in opposition to a backdrop of unforgettable scenes from each and every name! Here we will see the level for FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE’s authentic track Hollow, composed by way of the mythical Nobuo Uematsu and carried out by way of YOSH.

Game modes

There are quite a lot of other modes in THEATRHYTHM FINAL BAR LINE that do a really perfect task of shaking issues up.

  • Series Quests: Advance via a complete of 29 titles, clearing quests and unlocking characters and playable songs.
  • Music Stages: Play the track you could have bought for your center’s content material and try to get a prime ranking! You too can play with Simple Style controls, which use just a unmarried button, or Pair Style, which helps you to play with two avid gamers on one display.
  • Multi Battle: Up to 4 avid gamers can face off in on-line multiplayer suits.
  • Museum: Peruse and benefit from the track, movies, and quite a lot of collections you could have bought. You too can test detailed play information.

Series Quests

This mode is all-new for THEATRHYTHM BAR LINE – get started right here to gather songs and characters.


Series Quests allow you to relive a complete of 29 previous titles and unencumber their songs as you pass. Choose out of your favourite titles!


When you unencumber a brand new name, you’ll additionally unencumber its related characters. You too can download enemy characters by way of clearing the entire phases.


You’ll advance via a map by way of clearing each and every track’s level. But there’s more to it than that. Each track has its personal quest, comparable to “Defeat 10 Bombs,” to check your birthday celebration formation talents.

Songs cleared on this mode are unlocked to play in Music Stages!

Endless World


Once you whole a distinct name, Endless World shall be unlocked!

In this level, a random track is selected each and every time, and quest issue will increase steadily as you move. Fail 3 quests and it’s over!

Your ingenuity and method shall be examined to peer how a long way you’ll be able to advance in one try.

Multi Battle

Want to check your rhythm motion talents in opposition to different avid gamers on-line? Head to Multi Battle and get able to compete!


You can sign up for any other participant’s room or create your personal and watch for fighters to return to you. If you wish to have to play with simply your mates, you’ll be able to set a password to go into the room.

Once everyone seems to be able, make a choice which track you wish to have to play. The observe shall be decided on at random from some of the songs selected by way of the avid gamers.


Let the battles start!

Those who struggle additional know that you’ll be able to drive your strategy to victory with Bursts! Fill the Burst Gauge to unharness particular strikes that may obstruct different avid gamers or flip the tables for your merit.

The fight heats up in the second one part, the place two burst tactics are activated on the identical time! Stand your floor or possibility careening into threat!

Some of the Bursts you’ll be able to use are:

  • Fat Chocobo Time: A Fat Chocobo will seem at the lanes, hiding them from view and getting for your approach.
  • Moogle Dance: A Moogle will seem close to the Trigger Marks and conceal the Triggers from view.
  • Point Freeze: Points shall be frozen for a time period and your ranking won’t build up except you get a RAINBOW CRITICAL or CRITICAL.

After Multi Battles, you’ll be able to download a CollectaCard so as to add for your assortment. Players take turns opting for one CollectaCard from a random set, beginning with the primary position winner. At the tip, the avid gamers additionally trade ProfiCards.

What songs are within the sport?

With an enormous 385 songs, just about each and every facet of the FINAL FANTASY sequence is represented in THEATRHYTHM FINAL BAR LINE.

Songs come with:


Opening Theme (FINAL FANTASY)


SUTEKI DA NE (Isn’t It Wonderful?) (FINAL FANTASY X)


Battle On the Big Bridge (FINAL FANTASY V)




We Have Come from FINAL FANTASY Type-0

Of path that’s slightly scratching the skin of what’s within the sport. From FINAL FANTASY VIII’s Liberi Fatali to FINAL FANTASY XVI Online’s Torn from the Heavens, there’s such a lot fantastic track that we couldn’t dream of checklist all of it right here.

Digital Deluxe Edition unique songs

What we will say is the Digital Deluxe Edition of the sport comes with 27 further, unique songs, together with:




Melodies Of Life ~Final Fantasy (FINAL FANTASY IX)



Other tracks come with Kiss Me Good-Bye -featured in FINAL FANTASY XII-, Distant Worlds from FINAL FANTASY XI and more!

DLC songs

An enormous number of track from one of the crucial biggest Square Enix video games shall be to be had as downloadable content material.

You’ll be capable of play phases with track from:

  • SaGa sequence
  • The World Ends with You sequence
  • NieR Series
  • Mana Series
  • Xenogears

…and more!

Some explicit tracks coming come with:


Song of the Ancients / Fate (NieR Gestalt / Replicant)




Ardent Rhythm (Romancing SaGa -Minstrel Song-)

There shall be 3 Season Passes, each and every that includes other titles’ track tracks. Every Season Pass will include 5 track packs for a complete of 30 songs each and every. In overall, 90 further songs shall be made to be had, bringing the whole selection of tracks in THEATRHYTHM FINAL BAR LINE as much as a gargantuan 502!


Three editions of THEATRHYTHM FINAL BAR LINE shall be to be had at release:

  • Standard Edition: Available bodily and digitally, this accommodates 385 sounds from around the FINAL FANTASY sequence
  • Digital Deluxe Edition: Contains all songs from the usual version, plus 27 further tracks, and Season Pass 1.
  • Premium Digital Deluxe Edition: Contains all songs from the usual version, plus 27 further tracks, and Season Passes 1-3.

* Editor’s Note: People who purchase Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line bodily can nonetheless acquire the extra 27 tracks from the Digital Deluxe Edition one at a time as an improve.

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