Rudy Gobert talks Victor Wembanyama, poses for viral photo

For quite a few other causes, one the NBA gamers presumptive No. 1 select in subsequent 12 months’s draft, Victor Wembanyama, has been in comparison to is former Utah Jazz middle Rudy Gobert.

On Thursday afternoon, the celebs aligned for Gobert to peer Wembanyama, his fellow French countryman, in motion in opposition to presumptive No. 2 select Scoot Henderson in the second one recreation in their much-hyped exhibition sequence this week close to Las Vegas.

It in order that came about that Gobert and his new group, the Minnesota Timberwolves, had an exhibition recreation of their very own Thursday evening in Las Vegas in opposition to the Los Angeles Lakers, so he and a few of his teammates sat courtside to look at Wembanyama and Henderson.

During the 3rd quarter of the sport, Gobert used to be interviewed at the ESPN broadcast, and of course a lot of the dialogue used to be in regards to the 18-year-old Wembanyama, whom Gobert is aware of neatly and stocks an agent with (Bouna Ndiaye).

Speaking of the basketball skill in France, Gobert stated, “Obviously we’ve never seen anything like Victor.”

Gobert stated he’s identified the 7-foot-3 Wembanyama because the phenom used to be 13 years previous.

“Obviously we knew he was going to be really, really tall, but I think what I really love about the kid is that he loves the game and he’s very mature,” Gobert stated.

“He’s very mature. He knows where he wants to go and he’s very confident, but at the same time very humble, and I think to me that’s really what separates him from (potentially) being a really good player to being an all-time great.”

Gobert stated he has urged Wembanyama to only benefit from the procedure as he will get able to make the transfer to the NBA subsequent summer season (as he used to be announcing that, Wembanyama inadvertently kicked the ball in Gobert’s route).

“He’s a student of the game,” Gobert stated. “He wants to learn. He wants to learn about … every little thing — about defense, about little details about screening. I knew early that he was going to be something special.”

Gobert stated he doesn’t assume there’s “any comparisons” to Wembanyama and any participant that has ever performed within the NBA.

“I think he wants to be unique,” Gobert stated. “He knows that he can be in a league of his own, and he’s learning.”

Gobert stated there’s a “high probability” he and Wembanyama will group up within the frontcourt for France on the Summer Olympics in 2024, which can be in Paris.

“Just a great kid, man,” Gobert stated of Wembanyama. “It’s a pleasure for me to see the world getting to discover him because he’s working really hard and he’s a great person.”

After Wembanyama’s recreation, he and Gobert posed for a photo, and it went viral on Twitter because of Wembanyama being taller than his elder statesman, at the same time as Gobert is understood to be a behemoth.

“I feel good. I feel small,” Gobert may well be heard announcing.

Here is one of the vital response to the photo.

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