Outer Cove Marines re-entering Newfoundland’s top senior hockey league after 2-decade hiatus

Three men stand together for a photo. They're all holding onto the jersey of the Outer Cove Marines, a blue jersey with gold and white striping.
The Outer Cove Marines are returning to the Avalon East Senior Hockey League this season. From left, James Cadigan, trainer Alex Snow and normal supervisor Tommy Beckett are all a part of the gang bringing the workforce again. (Submitted by means of Tommy Beckett)

It’s been over 20 years because the blue and gold jerseys of the Outer Cove Marines hit the ice as a part of Newfoundland’s senior hockey circuit, however that prolonged hiatus is ready to finish this month.

The Wexford Estate Rob Roy Outer Cove Marines are the 6th workforce to enroll in the Avalon East Senior Hockey League. The AESHL is Newfoundland’s top senior hockey league, however has noticed groups come and pass lately — highlighted in 2017 when just one workforce used to be enrolled within the league.

Tommy Beckett, the workforce’s normal supervisor, says the ultimate time the Marines hit the ice because the Marines used to be within the mid-Nineteen Eighties.

The workforce briefly rejoined the league because the Northeast Eagles — who folded from the league in 2018 — in an effort to retain the rights to a couple gamers earlier than returning to the Marines emblem.

Beckett mentioned it is thrilling to carry Outer Cove and the Cape St. Francis area again into the top flight of senior hockey.

“There was community rivalries, as you can imagine. And some great hockey, and a lot of great hockey players have come through that league,” Beckett informed CBC News in a contemporary interview. 

“We’re trying to bring all of these communities together. We want to have a very community based-hockey club for Friday night home games.”

Beckett, a former participant for the Marines, fondly recollects his time dressed in the blue and gold. The native crowd used to be key in growing a house ice merit, he mentioned.

“When it came playoff time, those arenas don’t hold a huge amount of people. But I can guarantee you every single person was squat in there as best they could. It was just a great feeling, and that’s exactly what we’re trying to bring back now with this team,” he mentioned.

A photo of the Outer Cove Marines logo. A blue star sits in the middle of a golden circle with waves underneath the star. The words 'Outer Cove Marines are written in an arch around the circle.
The Marines will play on the Jack Byrne Arena in Torbay starting later q4. (Submitted by means of Tommy Beckett)

The workforce is partnering with the Ron Cadigan Foundation for his or her go back to the ice, a basis that helps minor hockey by means of sourcing hockey tools, offering ice time and extra.

Ron’s son, James, is a part of the gang bringing the workforce again.

“Ron was an exceptional player for the Outer Cove Marines for many, many years back in the day,” Beckett mentioned. “Any proceeds that we can pull together, it will be a big factor in us helping that foundation move forward.”

There’s nonetheless a large number of paintings to be completed earlier than the season kicks off later q4, Beckett mentioned, however everybody concerned to bringing Outer Cove hockey again into the highlight once they take to the ice on the Jack Byrne Arena in Torbay.

“I don’t think I could be more excited,” he mentioned. “I love the game, I love that community, and I love the passion that’s going to come out of there.”

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