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As the times in September dwindle, the hype across the Deborah F. Stanley Arena builds. The Oswego State women’s hockey group appears to bop again after a disappointing finish to the 2021-22 season. The Lakers fell to SUNY Cortland in an additional time mystery with a ranking of 1-0.

A brand new season brings new gamers, demanding situations, and for Oswego State women’s hockey, a brand new coach. Former assistant coach Megan Quinn joined the Syracuse University women’s hockey training workforce which used to be introduced on Aug. 8. Oswego State head coach Mark Digby touched on how vital Quinn used to be to the Lakers program.

“From a skill development standpoint, she was great to have around,” Digby stated. “She did a really nice job with our players on the ice. Her ability to teach skating and edge work was very beneficial for everyone, especially our younger players.”

Digby additionally touched on how vital Quinn used to be to the gamers off the ice.

“To see a division one athlete and the passion she had for [the program] made [the players] feel important,” Digby stated. “More than anything what we want our players to get out of this is that feeling of community when they are here.”

The women’s hockey program used to be ready to discover a new assistant coach, Mady Paul, after she reached out to Digby in regards to the emptiness. Paul graduated in 2014 from Oswego State and performed for the women’s hockey group.

“I sent an email to [Digby] and he got back to me within 24 hours saying ‘do you want to move back? We want you here,’” Paul stated. “I knew Digby when he was with the men’s hockey program, and we have very similar personalities and I do not think coaching will be an issue with him.”

There used to be a snappy turnaround had to discover a candidate previous to the beginning of the season. Digby spoke on how the hiring procedure got here all in combination. The Laker mentor program, which pairs Oswego State hockey athletes with native minor hockey gamers, used to be an enormous lend a hand to find Mady Paul.

“When the position opened up, the family that Mady was paired with reached out to her,” Digby stated. “We are lucky to have her here and anytime you can get someone that is prepackaged with that passion for the program, I think you are starting way ahead.”

Paul served as probably the most captains of the group her senior yr. The ahead completed her collegiate occupation with 12 objectives and 11 assists in 85 video games performed. The Lakers tallied 17 wins that season, the second one maximum in program historical past. Paul spoke on her play taste and the group’s mentality underneath former head coach Diane Dillon.

“I was not the best player, but I worked hard,” Paul stated. “I was here to work hard and play hard and our team mentality was that. Our team motto was one more, you can always do one more.”

That mindset is what the women’s hockey training workforce appears for in gamers. Paul has already spotted that on this yr’s workforce.

“I think that is something Digby is trying to bring here,” Paul stated. “If everyone does not buy into the systems, it will not work. We have kids coming through the door saying, ‘hey can we get on the ice right now’ and [the coaching staff] has to tell them to wait 10 minutes.”

Paul touched at the setting within the coach’s place of work and the way open it’s for the gamers.

“I do not get half of my work done during the day because [the players] are sitting there talking,” Paul stated. “I want them to all be together and one time there was 15 players standing there and they were talking to us.”

Six new gamers are anticipated to be becoming a member of this system this season. With 3 transfers and 3 true beginners, the group is about to exchange some key losses.

The women’s hockey group has been trending within the sure route since Digby stepped onto the bench for this system. In their previous two campaigns, the crowd has strung in combination 16-win seasons in back-to-back years.

The Oswego State squad underneath Digby has discovered luck in NEWHL convention play. The Lakers have a blended convention report of 23-8-2. However, Paul is taking a look previous the on-ice effects and the sport of hockey.

“Most of [the players] will go and have careers,” Paul stated. “Building those relationships is so important and I want them to feel like they can come to me for advice. I was never the best player, but I feel I can provide some encouragement and be the voice. This is why I came here, to make a difference. I want to make a difference in someone’s life.”

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