Nuggets Debut New Version of Mile High City Uniform

With the impending 2022-23 season, the fan-favorite Mile High City Uniform has developed 

Evolving, converting, rising.  

The Denver Nuggets commentary uniform is debuting a contemporary glance. 

The workforce’s commentary uniform which attracts inspiration from the town’s nickname of “Mile High City,” as Denver is positioned a mile above sea stage, the easiest altitude of any NBA workforce, has developed yet again in preparation for the impending 2022-23 season. 

Nuggets Debut New Version of Mile High City Uniform

The uniform this is unanimously a favourite amongst lovers and gamers alike and at the beginning debuted within the 2018-19 season displays that spirit of evolution, construction at the liked components from the unique commentary uniform in unison with the inclusion of new components and colour palettes. 

The new Mile High City uniform will characteristic the addition of two gold moves incorporated within the Nuggets’ international icon brand and the secondary Mile High City brand, each featured at the chest. The uniform quantity, which used to be prior to now shaded in white, will now be showcased in sunshine yellow to mirror the 300-plus days of sunshine Denver once a year receives. Lastly, the addition of flatiron pink shall be applied to trim components. The distinction of the yellow and pink in opposition to the colourful cobalt blue will mix on this contemporary and new glance to the Nuggets’ commentary uniform.

“The Mile High City uniform aligns with the narrative of evolving and changing like our city,” Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Kroenke Sports and Entertainment, Declan Bolger stated. “The city doesn’t stand still and like it, our team doesn’t either. Denver is a rapidly changing and evolving city. As it’s grown, it’s added a music and art presence as well as strong entrepreneurial developments and a tech spirit.”

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