MLB playoff picture: Standings, projections, bracket, format explained as Phillies clinch final wild-card spot

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Only two days stay within the 2022 Major League Baseball season and the expanded, 12-team playoff bracket is just about finalized. The 12 postseason groups are set and all that continues to be unsure is the NL East winner, and wild-card seeding. The complete postseason bracket might be finalized through finish of day Tuesday. Monday evening the Phillies become the twelfth and final crew into the postseason. It is their first postseason commute since 2011, snapping the National League’s longest drought. 

Baseball’s longest postseason droughts now belong to the Angels and Tigers. Neither has been to the postseason since 2014.

Now let’s bounce into the detailed standings, present playoff matchups, and postseason odds, and let’s additionally recall that the construction of the postseason is other beginning this yr.

Clinched spots

  • Dodgers: Clinched NL West, first-round bye, domestic discipline all the way through postseason
  • Astros: Clinched AL West, first-round bye, domestic discipline via ALCS
  • Mets: Clinched playoff berth
  • Braves: Clinched playoff berth
  • Yankees: Clinched AL East, first-round bye, domestic discipline via ALDS
  • Guardians: Clinched AL Central
  • Cardinals: Clinched NL Central
  • Blue Jays: Clinched AL wild-card spot
  • Mariners: Clinched AL wild-card spot
  • Rays: Clinched AL wild-card spot
  • Padres: Clinched NL wild-card spot
  • Phillies: Clinched NL wild-card spot

The new, 12-team playoff format

During the hot negotiation of the brand new collective bargaining settlement, gamers and house owners agreed to a brand new and expanded postseason construction shifting ahead. That new construction starts with the present season, and here is a reminder of the way it’s going to paintings.

  • The postseason discipline grows from 10 groups to twelve groups with the addition of an additional wild-card entrant in every league.
  • The Wild Card Game has been changed through the best-of-three Wild Card Series, which purposes as the primary around of play. The upper seed in every Wild Card Series will host the entire video games of that collection, be it two or the utmost 3 video games.
  • The best two department winners in every league, as decided through superb general document all the way through the common season, get a first-round bye. That manner they advance immediately to the best-of-five Division Series that purposes as the second one around.
  • The 4 wild-card around individuals in every league contain the department winner with the worst document amongst department winners and the 3 non-division winners with the finest data. That department winner is robotically the No. 3 seed irrespective of whether or not one or all the different wild-card groups has a greater document.
  • To summarize, here is how the playoff seeding will paintings in every league — No. 1 seed (bye to LDS): Best document in league; No. 2 seed (bye to LDS): Second-best document amongst department winners; No. 3 seed: Third-best document amongst department winners; No. 4 seed: Best document amongst wild-card groups; No. 5 seed: Second-best document amongst wild-card groups; No. 6 seed: Third-best document amongst wild-card groups.

The League Championship Series and World Series stay best-of-seven collection with home-field merit going to the crew with the finest document in every collection. Note that there is not any re-seeding after any around.

Got it? Now here is the place issues stand at the moment with regards to the races for those berths and seeds.

If the season ended lately…

American League

  • Byes: No. 1 Astros and No. 2 Yankees
  • Wild Card Series: No. 5 Mariners at No. 4 Blue Jays (winner faces No. 1 seed) 
  • Wild Card Series: No. 6 Rays at No. 3 Guardians (winner faces No. 2 seed) 

National League

  • Byes: No. 1 Dodgers and No. 2 Braves
  • Wild Card Series: No. 5 Padres at No. 4 Mets (winner faces No. 1 seed) 
  • Wild Card Series: No. 6 Phillies at No. 3 Cardinals (winner faces No. 2 seed) 

MLB standings

(Postseason projections are from SportsLine; expanded standings may also be considered right here)

N.Y. Yankees (clinched AL East) 98 61 100.0%
Toronto (clinched WC spot) 91 69 7.5 100.0%
Tampa Bay (clinched WC Spot) 86 74 12.5 100.0%
Baltimore (eradicated) 82 78 16.5 0.0%
Boston (eradicated) 76 84 22.5 0.0%
Cleveland (clinched AL Central) 90 70 100.0%
Chi. White Sox (eradicated) 80 80 10.0 0.0%
Minnesota (eradicated) 77 83 13.0 0.0%
Detroit (eradicated) 66 93 23.5 0.0%
Kansas City (eradicated) 65 95 25.0 0.0%
Houston (clinched AL West) 104 56 100.0%
Seattle (clinched WC spot) 87 72 16.5 100.0%
L.A. Angels (eradicated) 73 87 31.0 0.0%
Texas (eradicated) 66 93 37.5 0.0%
Oakland (eradicated) 58 102 46.0 0.0%
Atlanta (clinched playoff berth) 100 60 100.0%
N.Y. Mets (clinched playoff berth)  98 61 1.5 100.0%
Philadelphia (clinched playoff berth) 87 73 13.0 100.0%
Miami (eradicated) 68 92 32.0 0.0%
Washington (eradicated) 55 104 44.5 0.0%
St. Louis (clinched NL Central) 92 68 100.0%
Milwaukee (eradicated) 85 75 7.0 0.0%
Chi. Cubs (eradicated) 73 87 19.0 0.0%
Cincinnati (eradicated) 61 99 31.0 0.0%
Pittsburgh (eradicated) 61 99 31.0 0.0%
L.A. Dodgers (clinched NL West) 110 50 100.0%
San Diego (clinched playoff berth) 88 72 22.0 100.0%
San Francisco (eradicated) 80 80 30.0 0.0%
Arizona (eradicated) 73 87 37.0 0.0%
Colorado (eradicated) 67 93 43.0 0.0%

MLB wild-card standings

Toronto (clinched best WC spot) 91 69 +5.0
Seattle (clinched WC spot) 87 72 +1.5
Tampa Bay (clinched WC spot) 86 74
N.Y. Mets (clinched playoff berth) 98 61 +11.5
San Diego (clinched WC spot) 88 72 +1.0
Philadelphia (clinched WC spot) 87 73


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