Mike Vrabel: Email was just trying to make my point, say my piece

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts

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Titans head trainer Mike Vrabel was on a bye in Week Six. But headlines along with his title nonetheless popped up from the present problems surrounding NFL officiating.

As reported through ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Sunday, Vrabel despatched a “reply all” electronic mail in reaction to a message from NFL senior V.P. of officiating management Perry Fewell that known as for extra coaching to ensure that consistency in the way in which fouls are known as and enforced.

Vrabel was requested about that electronic mail in his Monday press convention.

“Well, first I would say that obviously I wasn’t contacted by anybody that put the report out. That’d be the first thing I’d say,” Vrabel mentioned. “The second thing is, I just — you know, it only goes to head coaches and General Managers. So, apparently there’s people there that want to put things out to people for a purpose. I don’t know, I’ve never understood that.

“The reply all, I mean, you guys know me, I’m not hiding behind anything. I mean, I just… we all get together, we meet, we sit in a ballroom. Apparently, you’ve got email now, it’s reply all, it’s like me standing up or any other coach or any other General Manager or anybody that wanted to say something in the meeting.

I felt the need to say it and address it. It’s important. Coaching, playing, and officiating all make up our game — players more so than anybody. We spent a lot of time on this in the offseason. The only other job that’s harder than playing is officiating. So, just trying to make my point or say my piece.”

Vrabel is a member of the NFL’s festival committee. As identified through a reporter, the feedback Vrabel made within the electronic mail have been equivalent to remarks he’s made to the media up to now. Vrabel mentioned it doesn’t topic what traction he’s getting inside the NFL and famous that he likes operating with the officers once they are available all through coaching camp.

“It’s never going to be perfect. Neither is playing, neither is coaching,” Vrabel mentioned. “But, just striving for a level of consistency each and every week that things that look like a foul are a foul and things that aren’t aren’t, so that you’re not seeing one thing on TV one week and seeing something different the other and saying, ‘Well, what about?’ It’s like coaching. You want to try to be consistent so one kid says, ‘Well so and so, Tyler did this and he didn’t get in trouble.’ ‘Well, Carter, that’s what happens.’

“You’re just trying to set a level of consistency so that they can understand what they can legally do and what they can’t. If it’s defensive pass interference because you’re not playing the ball and there’s contact, then great, we all understand that.”

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