“If you asked me what winning looks like, I would have said big contracts, home runs, World Series”

Last month, New York Yankees legend Alex Rodriguez starred in HBO Max‘s communicate display “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?” and appeared again at his outstanding MLB adventure filled with ups and downs. Alex sat down with longtime Fox News host Chris Wallace for a heart-to-heart dialog.

A-Rod’s dialog with Chris consisted of a number of arguable subjects. Amongst which talks about his suspension from 211 MLB video games propped its head. A-Rod was once suspended for the 2014’s MLB season for resorting to unlawful performance-enhancing medication.

Alex Rodriguez additionally went on to show how his suspension from MLB helped to convey a shift in his mindset and made him a smarter individual.

Pre-suspension, A-Rod used to hanker after big contracts, home runs, WorSeries, great vehicles, and girls.

“I think pre-suspension, if you asked me what winning looks like, I would have said big contracts, home runs, World Series; you know, nice cars, women.”

Whereas, post-suspension, he’s extra all in favour of being a greater particular person.

“I look at more of the team building, being a great father, being a son and being a friend, high character, loyalty, all those things post-suspension because of the lessons learned of my biggest mistakes.”

“Alex Rodriguez Thinks He’ll ‘Make a Wonderful Partner or Husband’ After Learning from His ‘Biggest Mistakes'” – @People

It is really laudable how a long way Alex Rodriguez has come after his MLB suspension. After serving a one-year suspension, Alex returned to the diamond in 2015 however completely departed from MLB in 2016.

Currently, he’s the CEO of his funding company, A-Rod Corp. and co-minority proprietor of the NBA staff, Minnesota Timberwolves.

New York Yankees celebrity Alex Rodriguez unfolded about his courting with Jennifer Lopez on “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?”

Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime ShowAlex additionally spoke about his ex-fiance, Jennifer Lopez.

Chris Wallace popped a daring query asking A-Rod about Jennifer Lopez tying the knot with Academy Award winner Ben Affleck straight away inside a quick span of her break up with him.

To which Alex spoke back pronouncing:

“With Jennifer, look, it was it was a good experience.”

A-Rod additionally spoke about Jennifer’s youngsters.

“And I wish her and the children, who are smart, and beautiful and wonderful — I wish them the very best. That’s it.”

“Alex Rodriguez has addressed Jennifer Lopez’s marriage to Ben Affleck.” – @ScorchingNewHipHop

While J.Lo is married to Ben Affleck, Alex was once seeing a 25-year-old health influencer, Kathryne Padgett. However, as in keeping with studies, the pair known as it quits remaining month after a short-lived romance.

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