How to get 9.62% annual interest for Series I bonds before November

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After a troublesome 12 months for the inventory marketplace, traders have poured cash into Series I bonds, a just about risk-free and inflation-protected asset that is paying a document 9.62% annual interest via October.

With the speed anticipated to drop to more or less 6.48% in November, there is a transient window to protected upper interest for six months, assuming you have not exceeded the I bond acquire limits for 2022. 

While I bond charges shift two times once a year in accordance with inflation, you’ll nonetheless lock in 9.62% annual interest for six months — so long as you entire the acquisition by means of Oct. 28. And six months after your acquire date, you can earn more or less 6.48% for some other six months.

“That’s an option if someone wants the best of both worlds,” stated Ken Tumin, founder and editor of, who tracks I bonds, amongst different belongings. 

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Here’s a take a look at extra protection on what to do finance-wise as the tip of the 12 months approaches:

You can estimate I bond charges for 365 days

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“It’s nice to know what interest rates you will get when you’re committing to a 12-month lockup,” stated Jeremy Keil, an authorized monetary planner with Keil Financial Partners in Milwaukee.

While it is too early to estimate charges for May 2023, purchasing I bonds before the tip of October approach you can obtain the May and November charges for six months every.

“There’s no doubt that it’s better to get the 9.62% for the first six months, and then 6.48% for six months,” stated David Enna, founding father of, a site that tracks I bond charges

It’s great to know what interest charges you’ll get when you find yourself committing to a 12-month lockup.

Jeremy Keil

Financial marketing consultant at Keil Financial Partners

“A short-term investor — somebody just wanting to put away cash — should definitely buy in October,” he stated.

However, in case you are making an attempt to protected the 9.62% charge before November, Enna suggests making the acquisition no later than a couple of trade days before the tip of October.

You should entire your acquire and obtain a affirmation electronic mail before Oct. 28 at 12 p.m. ET, in accordance to TreasuryDirect.

What to know before purchasing I bonds

While more or less realizing I bond charges for 365 days is also interesting, there are some things to imagine before purchasing, mavens say.

“The biggest downside is you are locked in for 12 months,” Keil stated. “You cannot take it out for any reason.” And you can surrender 3 months of interest by means of cashing in before 5 years. 

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