Erlend Fagerli: Freestyle football great aiming to make history at 2022 Red Bull Street Style world final


Erlend Fagerli is likely one of the most famous freestyle footballers within the world.

Fagerli has been a big a part of the recreation for over 13 years, along with his onerous paintings and willpower incomes him 8 world championships.

The 25-year-old Norwegian hopes to win his 9th name at the 2022 Red Bull Street Style world final, which takes position on October 8 in Pula, Croatia.

And he hasn’t made the adventure on his personal. Together along with his brother, Brynjar, the Fagerlis have risen to the very most sensible of the game.

It started in May 2009 when, at the ages of eleven and 14, Erlend and Brynjar grew to become to YouTube for his or her leisure. They stumbled upon freestyle football movies and straight away fell in love with the game.

“It was as if something clicked inside of us because we always wanted to do something special,” Erlend advised CNN Sport.

Inspired via what they noticed, the Fagerli brothers adopted their urge to check out one thing new and grabbed the nearest football to start training. Stemming from an already integrated admiration for football, the transition to freestyle used to be simple for Erlend; taking part in each common and freestyle for a couple of years ahead of giving his all to freestyle football.

After most effective seven years of being concerned within the recreation, Fagerli went on to win his first world name at the 2016 Superball; however the win that stands proud maximum for him didn’t come till Superball 2018, when he received for a 2d time.

“It’s really something special to manage to do it once again and to prove that you are not just a one take freestyler, but that you’re here for the long run,” he mentioned.

Despite his repeated successes, Fagerli expresses his intention isn’t just to win championships, however moderately his “biggest goal is always to try to improve in freestyle and to explore how good we can become.”

To push himself to new heights, Fagerli trains at least as soon as an afternoon, with the primary 10 mins spent doing not anything however pondering: “During those 10 minutes, you have activated your mind, and maybe, you can discover something during the session.”

This is important time which aids in his conceptualization of tips and lets in him to create routines complex sufficient to win back-to-back world titles, as he did at Red Bull Street Style 2020 and 2021, adopted via the 2021 Superball match.

Fagerli competes during the finals of the freestyle football world championship Red Bull Street Style on November 6, 2016 in London, England.

Both Erlend and Brynjar started their freestyle football trips at the identical day, and the duo by no means stopped coaching in combination.

Throughout their careers, they have got been companions and opponents and, naturally, freestyle football become one thing that bonded the 2 brothers even nearer in combination.

“It has been like a brother project for us to explore our limits in freestyle, and we’ve done that for over 13 years now,” Erlend defined. “I don’t even know if I would even have started if he hadn’t existed … we always supported each other, even though we are rivals as well, so it’s been so important for me.”

However, it wasn’t at all times simple for Erlend to have an older brother paving the way in which. There had been additionally instances of discouragement.

“In the beginning of freestyle, Brynjar was older and taller, and he was improving so much faster than me … So I was actually about to quit at that moment.”

Feeling like he used to be falling at the back of, Fagerli did the one factor he may just do: he practiced.

After putting in place his digicam, he effectively carried out the ‘alternative mitch around the world’ for the primary time. The trick is composed of kicking the ball into the air two times whilst whipping each legs across the ball, all whilst being mid-air.

Upon understanding he had finished the feat which might develop into crucial to his burgeoning freestyle adventure, the sentiments crushed Fagerli as he broke down in tears of pleasure.

Fagerli competes on the Pelourinho square during the qualification for the Red Bull Street Style world final 2014.

From that time on, it used to be onwards and upwards for Fagerli. The Norwegian isn’t just at the highest of his sport, however at the highest of the game, hanging him able the place different competition glance in opposition to him for steerage and inspiration – and he has spotted his affect on freestyle football.

There are 3 primary codecs of the game: ‘uppers’ (doing tips together with your higher frame), ‘lowers’ (doing tips together with your decrease frame) and sit-downs (doing tips whilst seated).

Prior to Fagerli’s contribution to freestyle, those had been basically divided into separate routines. However, in 2014, Fagerli concept up one thing new. “I kind of introduced the transitions as well, which is how you get in between these parts, so I think one influence for me is that we can combine everything into one flow.”

Being ready to affect how the game is carried out is a large a part of what makes freestyle amusing for Fagerli. Seeing more youthful freestylers acting his tips and ideas is “such a good feeling,” as he hopes they are able to use it as inspiration to to find their very own approach.

Fagerli has been touring world wide successful world-class tournaments since 2016, and he doesn’t know when he’ll prevent, however his attractions are set at the 2022 Red Bull Street Style championship.

If Fagerli triumphs within the upcoming tournament, he would be the first athlete to win 3 back-to-back Red Bull Street Style titles.

“Anything can happen and it’s always so interesting how the other freestylers do as well because there are so many new guys which are very promising … But, of course, my aim is to top last year’s performance.”

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