Doc Rivers Says ‘When I Hear America First, That Scares Me’

Doc Rivers performed 14 seasons within the NBA earlier than embarking on his now 20-plus 12 months run as a head trainer. As somebody who has earned tens of millions of greenbacks doing what he loves, one would possibly assume he would respect the rustic that has awarded him the ones alternatives.

That isn’t the case in any respect. In reality, Rivers despises the United States and doesn’t wish to see the rustic be triumphant.

“When you hear ‘America first,’ that scares me, because I’m a black man and that’s not including me,” Rivers advised the Associated Press. “I want us to all be included. I want us all to function with each other.”

He went directly to additionally state, “we have this separation of race now, of pitting races against each other.”

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Rivers, like many others, is so obviously misplaced in his liberal, left-wing ideology that he can’t wrap his thoughts round the concept that ‘America first’ is rather merely – America being first.

Somehow, in some way Rivers and his race-baiting crowd of pals have come to the realization that ‘America first’ is by hook or by crook a nasty factor and discriminatory against minorities.


Just take into accounts that for a minute. The United States is now full of individuals who would reasonably see the rustic battle than be triumphant. People would reasonably the U.S. transform a guffawing inventory at the international degree if it method a extra liberal time table may also be installed position.

Rivers, a a hit guy that will get to train basketball for a residing, is petrified of the rustic he lives in to be triumphant. The saddest, and in addition the scariest a part of Rivers’ ideas is they’re now not simplest being permitted however being taught all over the nation.

Doc Rivers Pushing His Agenda Onto The 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers head trainer doesn’t assume it’s being taught sufficient, then again. He desires extra folks to be indoctrinated together with his leftist ideology and is taking motion.

The 60-year-old has taken his staff and participants of the group on quite a lot of box journeys to remind them about slavery, which was once abolished within the United States in 1865. The AP famous the Sixers have made stops on the Old Slave Mart Museum and the Avery Institute of Afro-American History and Culture.

Rivers is excited to notice that the ideology and historical past he desires folks to concentrate on is rubbing off on his staff.

“Teaching American history is under assault right now. And it’s not Black history or teaching about slavery, it’s American history,” Rivers advised the AP.

“And so I was amazed. The first thing that I was taught the other day was, how many players, and not only players, coaches, came up to me and said, ‘Wow, I never was taught that in my history class.’”

After Rivers is administered out of the town by means of Philly lovers after the 76ers inevitably crash out of the NBA playoffs this 12 months, don’t be shocked in the event you listen extra from Rivers about how America shouldn’t be first.

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