Dexter Lawrence delivering in promise to be unique Giants weapon

When he met the media on the NFL Combine in 2019, Dexter Lawrence despatched a message to normal managers who may be in drafting him. 

“I call myself a once-in-a-generation caliber player,” Lawrence mentioned. 

Lawrence recollects precisely why he mentioned what he mentioned. 

“I just know with my size and athleticism and speed is rare,” he advised The Post on Friday, “so I simply check out to take complete good thing about that each day. Now it’s about finding out my place steadily and rising and finding out higher tactics to convey that extra out of me.“ 

It is Year 4 for Dexter Lawrence, and in this surprising season of New York Football Giants renaissance, he’s providing proof that he can develop into that more or less participant

“I believe I can, yes,” Sexy Dexy advised The Post. 

Center Jon Feliciano remembers being stunned in coaching camp when he discovered that Sexy Dexy is solely 24 (he’ll flip 25 subsequent month). 

“He can be a force for the next decade,” Feliciano advised The Post, “depending on how long he wants to do this. He can give a lot of people a lot of trouble for a very long time.” 

Dexter Lawrence
Dexter Lawrence possess a unprecedented aggregate of measurement and velocity.

Sexy Dexy went No. 17 total to the Giants in the 2019 draft, a pick out got from the Browns in the Odell Beckham Jr. industry. Outside linebacker Oshane Ximines was once the third-round go back. 

“We got drafted together, so I’ve seen how much he’s grown as a player and just as a human being,” Ximines advised The Post. “It’s something exciting to watch every weekend, I just can’t wait to see where it all ends up at the end of the year.” 

Sexy Dexy is a 6-foot-5, 350-or-so-pound dance device who can by hook or by crook be sideline-to-sideline hell on wheels. Nose tackles aren’t intended to transfer like he does. He is made for “Dancing With the Stars.” 

“I feel like the play that sums up Dex is that play Week 2 against the Panthers, where Baker Mayfield got out of the pocket and he chased him to the sideline. … He’s 350 pounds doing that, that sums it up right there,” Ximines mentioned. “He’s big, fast, strong. He could really do anything on the football field.” 

Can he chase down Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson on Sunday

“We’re gonna find out,” Ximines mentioned, and laughed. 

“[Lamar is] a different speed,” Sexy Dexy mentioned. “It’s a good challenge. I’m ready for it.” 

Dexter Lawrence participates in drills at Giants practice on Thursday.
Dexter Lawrence participates in drills at Giants observe on Thursday.
Noah Okay. Murray-NY Post

Sexy Dexy has 3 sacks in his previous two video games. His occupation prime is 4 in 2020. 

“He’s strong, he’s really athletic, I think he has a good feel for the game and feel for your body weight and when to use it against you and how to use it against you,” offensive lineman Nick Gates mentioned. 

Bill Parcells mentioned this the day after Super Bowl XXV: “Power wins football games.” Parcells would have beloved Sexy Dexy. “Somebody close to him is Fletcher Cox,” Gates mentioned, referencing the Eagles’ All-Pro lineman. 

Good success towards that bull rush. “I don’t think Fletcher is as big as [Lawrence] is,” Feliciano mentioned, “but I can see what he’s talking about with the length and the power.” 

Safety Julian Love was once a fourth-round pick out in Sexy Dexy’s draft elegance. 

“He’s strong, and he is super-light on his feet,” Love mentioned. “For him to be that light on his feet is special, and you don’t see that like really ever.” 

Love marvels at how Sexy Dexy transforms into Sexy Wrecksy at the box. 

“There’s a flip that switched for sure,” Love mentioned. “He’s a guy who’s about his business once the pads get on.” 

On his Instagram web page you spot and listen to him: 

“Hey 17 [Ryan Tannehill]. Stay in the pocket. I want to touch on you legally.” And: “I know you’re looking for the problem. It’s here. The problem is here.” 

Sexy Dexy says: “It kinda just flows. Whatever comes out of my mouth comes out it my mouth. It’s an in-the-moment type thing.” 

“The problem” stands defiantly along buddy Leonard Williams … the Great Wall of East Rutherford. 

Dexter Lawrence
Dexter Lawrence
Bill Kostroun/New York Post

“His arms are super long,” Feliciano mentioned, “so when he sticks his arm in there, you gotta get your hands on him first, but it’s kind of hard when you have a guy with that long arms, and for a big guy, you don’t think he’s that quick. … He’s really quick. … His first two steps are impressive.” 

Lawrence’s steps towards stardom will earn him a big-ticket extension. The Giants exercised the fifth-year choice on Sexy Dexy in April. 

“I just play football,” he mentioned. 

If he in the future down the street is once more calling himself a once-in-a-generation caliber-type participant, wager that it’s going to be as a Giant … a large Giant.

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