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There all the time seems to be some intimidation and nerves when a participant walks into their first NHL locker room for the primary time as a rookie.

And then there is strolling into the 2011-12 Detroit Red Wings locker room for the primary time. One look across the nook and also you have been certain to identify an eventual Hall of Famer or a famous person within the league, Niklas Lidstrom, Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg amongst them.

Now believe you might be 22-year-old Brendan Smith, referred to as as much as the NHL for the primary time, about to are living out a youth dream, and that’s the reason the locker room you stroll into.

“Well, that locker room for me was wild because everybody was older than 30,” Smith remembers. “But you looked around the room and everybody’s basically a Hall of Famer, or are going to be, so it was it was intimidating.”

In extra techniques than one a few of these gamers have been Hall of Famers. Certainly, at the ice but additionally how they controlled to damage it when newbies like Smith arrived, anyone intimidated by means of their presence.

Smith recollects that first day neatly. 

“We had a workout that day,” he started, “And just remember, I was working out with Cory Emmerton, we were the young guys at the time. And we’re right behind Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk. You’re supposed to follow the guy in front of you. So, our trainer at the time, kind of give us a quick glance of what was going on. And then he’s like, ‘Hey, if you don’t know (what to do) ask the person in front of you.'”

Those instructions appear simple sufficient to practice. Except for the individual in entrance of Smith used to be non-other than Red Wings legend, Datsyuk. In entrance of him? Henrik Zetterberg.

Nothing like being a rookie.

“I had to ask Pavel, and was it was side touches,” Smith stated remembering the precise workout. Side touches are an workout designed to focus on an individual’s obliques and different core muscle tissue. “I said, ‘Hey, Pavel, how many?’ and he said, and he always had a broken English, he was like ‘What?’ I was like, ‘How many?'”

What came about subsequent, Smith referred to as an ideal revel in for the primary day.

“Lift shirt,” Smith recollects Datsyuk pronouncing. Smith used to be being sized up. He lifted his blouse.

“He goes ‘Yeah, you do 100′” Smith stated with amusing. “Like it was the perfect experience.”


In the locker room itself, Smith sat in a nook spot with Brad Stuart and Jonathan Ericsson. He referred to as it a quieter space the place he did not should be the point of interest, however that did not imply he wasn’t noticing what used to be happening. There have been pranks and bizarre mannerisms, and prefer in In any interview about what is going on within an NHL locker room, there is numerous prefacing with ‘I wasn’t concerned on this’ or ‘I’m no longer going to call names.’ And that is the place we begin with Smith.

“One individual was upset with the other and he drilled his shoes into the stall,” he stated with a smirk. The holes have been within the heel of the sneakers and the wrongdoer put the gel insoles again on most sensible. 

“When he tried to pick them up, he couldn’t get them because they’re drilled into the wood. “That used to be a actually just right one. There’s different just right ones that we will be able to’t actually percentage. But there used to be all the time one thing like other folks’s wallet getting sewn up with their keys in there.”

Smith says there weren’t too many quirks from the players sitting near him in the corner of the Red Wings locker room, but he definitely saw some unusual routines from his corner. It’s always the goalie stories that are the best and oftentimes the strangest. 

“Jimmy Howard all the time had a host of items, he’d all the time stroll with his palms up,” he recalled, “his elbows could not contact his frame, they all the time needed to be up.” 

After many years, particularly those first six years in the league with Detroit, Smith has learned from some of the best. But now, as he peers his head into the New Jersey Devils locker room for the first time, suddenly at 33, he is the exact same age that Datsyuk was all those years ago when he was asked to lift his shirt.  

“It’s thrilling as a result of there is such a lot pizzazz and aptitude and also you get to be in and sign up for them and I really like that. It unquestionably is an environment I experience and I roughly relish in it.”

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