Birria grilled cheese? What to know about the new Dodger Stadium postseason menu

It’s the maximum superb time of the 12 months for Dodgers fanatics in Los Angeles — the postseason. And when you’re blessed sufficient to get seats at Dodger Stadium this October, it’ll even be decision-time for you and fellow fanatics on what to consume when you’re in the temper to take a look at one thing completely new.

Will that be the birria grilled cheese sandwich or the lomo saltado fries?

With the National League Division Series towards the San Diego Padres, government chef Ryan Evans this week presented the two new pieces. Each 12 months, the stadium rolls out new menu choices for the postseason run, introducing dishes with every step ahead, optimistically all the means to the World Series.

“We do five specials for the full playoff series,” Evans instructed me from the bleachers at the back of proper box at Game 2 on Wednesday. “We do two for the LDS [League Division Series], add one for the LCS [League Championship Series], and do two, like blown-out crazy, for the World Series. We won’t announce it until we go.”

Each new merchandise, he added, can be to be had during the process the postseason.

Birria Grilled Cheese (Introduced in NLDS)

Birria dominates in the meals currents of Los Angeles, that a lot is apparent. Evans mentioned he sought after to faucet into that vibe with this introduction. The sandwich delivers: cushy and pleasing, with birria meat this is preferably seasoned and served with a cup of consommé on the facet that I used for dipping.

My grilled cheese sandwich disappeared, gobbled, in not up to a minute. I may just do two extra of those, I believed, particularly round the fourth or 5th inning.

My verdict? Home run!

Lomo saltado fries (Introduced in NLDS)

The lomo saltado fries, served in a batting helmet.

The lomo saltado fries, served in a batting helmet.

(Daniel Hernandez / Los Angeles Times)

Lomo saltado, regarded as considered one of the nationwide dishes of Peru and arguably neighboring international locations who’ve followed it, may be stoning up increasingly in Southern California, although it’s certainly not a new arrival. Peruvian cooks in L.A. have lengthy served the hearty dish of sirloin steak strips with grilled onions and tomatoes, over fries and rice. It is an excellent entree, however no longer simple to pull off effectively (as I’ve observed it made step by step via South American natives).

At Dodger Stadium, Evans’ crew serves up the fries (no rice) in a mini batting helmet and provides crimson bell pepper as a substitute of tomato, crowned with a needful inexperienced aji sauce and chopped cilantro. But as I attempted it, I used to be reminded that this dish will have to be served with near-perfect timing — particularly with fries concerned. That could be too tall an order in a fast paced surroundings like a stadium. The steak in my helmet was once lukewarm and bit too charred. The fries had been proper, although.

My verdict? A double.

Ryan Evans, Dodger Stadium senior executive chef.

Ryan Evans, Dodger Stadium senior government chef, at the back of the outfield at Game 2 of the National League Division Series on Wednesday.

(Daniel Hernandez / Los Angeles Times)

Evans is a stadium-food veteran. He’s been at Dodger Stadium for seven years, and up to now labored with the Anaheim Angels, the Seattle Mariners and the San Francisco 49ers. In L.A., he mentioned his crew is encouraged via the communities that thrive round Chavez Ravine.

“I’m a stadium guy, just the atmosphere, look at it,” he mentioned. “Coming here, meeting new people, new friends, meeting the fans. Me and my chefs go out and eat all around the stadium, and we try to take little parts of different areas.”

If the Dodgers advance, test again on this area for updates on new menu pieces as they turn out to be to be had. The subsequent conceivable probability to take a look at the first two pieces could be all through a Game 5 on Sunday, if vital, again in Los Angeles.

Dodgers Stadium 2022 postseason new menu pieces

For National League Division Series towards San Diego Padres

Birria grilled cheese, box and reserve ranges. Price: $14.99
Lomo saltado fries, box and reserve ranges. Price: $18.99

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