Ben Simmons Reacts to Air Ball Video Going Viral

The Nets were given their perfect glimpse up to now of Ben Simmons’s attainable on Wednesday night time all through the crew’s preseason sport towards the Bucks. The former No. 1 pick out performed an efficient 28 mins, scoring seven issues on 3-of-5 taking pictures with 8 rebounds and 10 assists.

Before the day trip, Simmons spoke out in regards to the remedy he receives on social media, immediately mentioning the mocking he gained for a clip of him nonchalantly airballing a shot all through a convention open to lovers at Brooklyn Bridge Park this week.

“It finds me all the time,” Simmons informed ESPN’s Nick Friedell. “And it doesn’t f—— stop. Sometimes I’m even sick of it, but then I’m like, ‘OK, I’m Ben Simmons, you know? It comes with being Ben Simmons right now.’

“Even the other day there was a clip of me airballing a shot at the park. Meanwhile, like 10 guys airballed multiple shots. So it’s like people will find one clip and try to make it that everything—like Ben can’t do [this or that]. Like come on man, you think I’m just airballing every shot? It’s not true. But it comes with it, and you got to have tough skin and I realize that, but nah, I can’t take everything personally. It’s social media.”

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