AJ Griffin gives Hawks plenty to mull as regular season approaches

Griffin’s first NBA shot got here inside 30 seconds of him getting into the Hawks’ 2d exhibition sport towards the Bucks. Griffin got here off a display from giant guy Onyeka Okongwu and stuck a snappy cross from Trae Young, then tired a 29-foot jumper. He made some other 35 seconds into the second one quarter, then drew a nasty on his 3rd 3-point strive.

“Just, you know, the repetition of just working with the coaches here,” Griffin stated. “We always made sure we were getting game shots. The shots I get in practice, those shots are the shots I get in the game. So, having the repetitions like, I saw already. So like, I talked to (the coaches) after the shot and like after the game, I was like, ‘I felt like that was just like the workout.’ Because, you know, literally just, you know, it translates to the game easy.”

The paintings he has installed with the Hawks’ training body of workers has supplemented the paintings begun by means of his father, Raptors assistant trainer Adrian Griffin. AJ Griffin stated that his father taught him to shoot and inspired him to grasp his shape.

Now that he’s older and within the NBA, Griffin stated that he tries to stay reinforcing the teachings his father taught him a couple of times every week.

“Because, you know, once when you get in the game, it’s just, you feel, you know, get right in the pocket, and then just let it fly,” Griffin stated. “You don’t think about it.”

Griffin additionally has attempted to soak in any recommendation he can get from Kyle Korver, who the Hawks employed as their new director of participant affairs and construction this summer time. Griffin stated that when he arrived for coaching camp, he requested Korver as many questions as he may.

“You know, how you get your feet squared, and like, a big thing with me, him and just, you know, learning how to just like, get your body squared with the, with the rim,” Griffin stated. “And so, just little stuff like that, and he always tells me, you know, if (he) sees something in my game, where, you know, he’ll just let me know, like, ‘oh, you know, this is where you could, make a shot a little bit better.’ So it’s just great to have, a veteran just like that, and to help you.”

Griffin’s capturing has excited lovers and the Hawks’ training body of workers. There’s no telling what number of mins Griffin gets this season, however he’s earned them, up to now, together with his skill to knock photographs down.

So will have to the rookie get in at the motion this season, Hawks trainer Nate McMillan is aware of that Griffin will profit from it.

“I think just bringing energy out there,” McMillan stated. “Whenever he gets on the floor, he gets an opportunity, he’s aggressive. I don’t want him really thinking too much out there. I would much rather him reacting to situations, and if you’re gonna make a mistake, make a mistake being aggressive.

“I thought he came in with that mindset. We got the basketball, (and) he was really looking to play quick, with the ball, and he made some plays, made some shots. And I just like his attitude and approach when he got those minutes.”

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