Remembering a Penguins’ Moment: Barnaby escapes with life and limb in a fight against a young Chara

Zdeno Chara isn’t officially retired as of now, however at this level his NHL days are all however formally over. At 45 years outdated, it’s been an exceptional occupation for what’s the bodily most unusual participant in hockey historical past. At 6’9 and 250 kilos, Chara put 1,680 video games below his belt, with mythical tales about his conditioning and the form he’s been in a position to hold himself in to deal with such a storied occupation.

Chara’s NHL occupation began in 1997-98 — a complete seven years BEFORE the NHL even had a wage cap. It’s unbelievable to assume how lengthy and how a lot endurance he had. Chara performed in the NHL (for 2 seasons) whilst Wayne Gretzky used to be lively. Chara additionally performed this previous April in a recreation against 2021 first total pick out Owen Power. Power used to be born in November 2002, Chara had an NHLPA pension secured from ahead of Power used to be even born.

With all that historical past in thoughts, it’s no longer laborious to seek out some nice moments through the years against the Penguins.

Younger lovers may really no longer perceive simply how bodily dominant Chara used to be in his top. Ryan Whitney has stated greater than as soon as at the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast that Chara will have to had been given the Lady Byng trophy for the league’s maximum gentlemanly participant all over each and every unmarried season he performed — merely for appearing sufficient restraint not to actually dish out everlasting physically injury to an opponent on any given recreation. That sounds ridiculous at the floor, however for the reason that we’re speaking the most important participant in NHL historical past and without a doubt essentially the most muscular and most powerful professional hockey participant that has ever existed, it’s no longer that wild a thought.

With this in thoughts, let’s return to January 2001. Chara is however 24-years outdated at this second, a mere doggy. He used to be nonetheless most commonly a novelty in at the moment — a gargantuan defender, however no longer in his Norris Trophy ultimate shape at this level as some of the highest defensemen in NHL historical past. After all, the Islanders would come to a decision to industry Chara simply a few months after this second, alongside with the No. 2 total pick out (which become Jason Spezza) to Ottawa. NYI’s go back for this king’s ransom? Alexei “Cash in” Yashin. Mike Milbury, women and gents, really some of the worst managers in NHL historical past.

Anyways, again on level, let’s set the scene again in January 2001. Mario Lemieux had simply returned from retirement mere weeks in the past, right away strolling again into the NHL and re-establishing himself as some of the highest gamers in the sport. The Penguins had been in a quite perilous place total with their area and monetary eventualities, however embarking on what can be a charmed run over the process the remainder of the season.

Enter Matthew Barnaby. For our more youthful target market, I assume the easiest way to temporarily describe Matthew Barnaby can be: “imagine how Brandon Tanev plays, but no funny media picture faces and also if he tries to fight about 20 times a season, or as many times as someone will drop the gloves and go with him”. Yeah, tremendous thrilling and the kind of participant that doesn’t even exist any longer in the fashionable recreation.

The context of this recreation and fight is amazing too. The Pens are successful 4-2 and there may be 1:19 left in the sport. This contest is over, and there’s no explanation why aside from to stay it shifting and skate it off against the win. But…for some explanation why, Barnaby choices a fight with Chara. Barnaby, indexed tremendous generously at 6’0 and 188 kilos, doesn’t even seem like he’s messing with a a lot older brother, it looks as if a young child looking to fight against his father for some unknown and extremely needless explanation why. (Only in this example, it’s no longer a father or someone who would have fond emotions to him).

Chara obliges, Barnaby hangs directly to live to tell the tale about 4 or 5 proper arms and then is in a position to take the mountain of a guy down when he will get off stability. This is ready the very best case state of affairs for Barnaby to get out of this scrap with all of his schools in position.

Hilariously, but additionally moderately, Barnaby can be assessed an instigator penalty and pick out up a recreation misconduct. (This additionally put the Pens in a penalty kill, and they’d surrender a purpose to NYI however get away the sport with a 4-3 win with time working out).

Deep down, there used to be a approach in the back of the insanity. Barnaby scored 12 objectives and 24 issues in 64 video games all over the prior season of 1999-2000. For this season, Barnaby best scored one purpose and added 5 assists in 47 video games in Pittsburgh, dealing with a sharp decline in position and significance at the workforce. With Mario again, the Pens had been gearing up to take a look at for a run. Barnaby used to be appearing one thing to show his gumption and what he needed to stay his spot.

Though very brave to fight Chara (or simply kinda dumb in hindsight and a non-emotional view of the danger vs. praise sides of the location), it wouldn’t be sufficient for Barnaby. Two days after this PIT/NYI recreation, in separate trades Pittsburgh would upload Kevin Stevens and additionally Krzysztof Oliwa to the workforce on January 14th, 2001. Oliwa used to be 6’5, 245 kilos and referred to as the “Polish Hammer”, an enforcer whose best objective used to be preventing and protective teammates, with a a lot more intimidating body than Barnaby. Stevens used to be in the twilight of his occupation, however had the most obvious connection with Lemieux and can be any other winger in the way in which of Barnaby’s spot at the roster.

Moves like those don’t occur in a vacuum. When Mario had very not too long ago made his go back to nice fanfare, it used to be very glaring proper from the get cross that Lemieux nonetheless had “it”. Surely Barnaby on some stage — both aware or unconscious — knew there can be adjustments to the roster and additions being made to the workforce. Moves that will best push him additional to the margins.

At the industry closing date, the Pens despatched Barnaby to Tampa in change for checking line middle Wayne Primeau. Barnaby used to be superfluous to the workforce, in spite of his highest efforts.

In time, Barnaby and Chara would fight at the ice 3 extra occasions. It would most often worsen for Barnaby, with Chara changing into a lot more subtle as a fighter and including the power to tie his opponent up with his succeed in and left hand, all of the whilst turning in quick left jabs and then coming excessive with the vicious proper hammer.

Whether it used to be simply “crazy” or “crazy like a fox”, this fight from over twenty years in the past nonetheless sticks out as a measure from a bygone generation for a participant keen to do virtually anything else to make a mark and lay all of it at the line for the Penguins. It’s additionally one thing of a fond farewell for Chara, who will cross down in historical past as essentially the most bodily enforcing participant that the NHL has ever noticed.

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