How Giants Brandon Crawford can have a good 2023

When I pitched Brady my preliminary set of concepts simply to look if I may just nonetheless weblog in regards to the San Francisco Giants — I had truly, in reality stopped writing since leaving this website online — I had one at the checklist about Brandon Crawford’s profession tail and what would probably be his farewell season in 2023.

After that collection in Colorado, even though, I simply need to speak about how cool it’ll be to look Brandon Crawford swimsuit up once more.

Still, I’m a realist. He will likely be 36 years outdated in 2023. And if there’s one sports activities tweet that haunts — and delights — me to these days, it’s this one:

Brandon Crawford’s days as a Gold Glove primary league shortstop are over, however he’s nonetheless available in the market making performs! My center grew two sizes looking at him run round Coors Field this week, which is to mention that it grew from a lump of coal to a smaller lump of coal.

You’ll recall that the Giants pays him $16 million subsequent season. Recently, at the McCovey Chroncast — that’s the McCovey Chronicles podcast you must all be taking note of! — I speculated that as a result of issues had been going so poorly for him and the Giants this season that he may even announce his retirement, till I remembered that might deprive him and the Giants of a right kind farewell season.

What a farewell season that may be! I don’t suppose the Giants will steer clear of, like, Trea Turner out of recognize to Crawford’s place and contract (even though we can make certain Trea Turner will steer clear of them), but when he plans to play in 2023, he’ll get some taking part in time. And Crawford has been one of the vital sudden Giants this century. Over the closing ten seasons (and excepting the pandemic 12 months), he’s averaged over 500 PAs whilst taking part in a nice shortstop.

An anchor. A rock. A place the Giants haven’t needed to fear about, even supposing perhaps they are going to this offseason. But, if he plans to play in 2023, they’re nonetheless going to have him at the roster and he’s nonetheless going to play, and so slightly than watch him be DFA’d or one thing, I’d like to put out all of the issues he’ll want to get thru all the 12 months and perhaps even be lovely respectable.

Sure, I don’t know what it takes to be a high quality Major League Baseball participant, and even a baseball participant, and even a skilled athlete, or any roughly athlete, BUT, I have been 36 prior to. Anyway, right here’s the checklist:


Really a very powerful factor. The historical past of 36-year outdated shortstops is grim.

Thanks to Baseball Reference, I can let you know there have been thirty-nine (39) shortstops who performed no less than 90% in their age-36 video games at shortstop. Only one of the most seasons within the best 10 (by means of OPS+) came about this century:

How Giants Brandon Crawford can have a good 2023

Here are all of the effects from this century:

How Giants Brandon Crawford can have a good 2023

Crawford is following up his best offensive season (141 OPS+ in 2021) together with his 3rd worst (83 OPS+). Crawford’s profession OPS+ is 99, so that you can see that even supposing he had been to bop again from this season to have a profession moderate 12 months in 2023, he’d nonetheless be pulling off an historic-for-his-age feat. His effects from this season don’t recommend that there’s even a little bitty teensy weensy probability of that taking place.

How Giants Brandon Crawford can have a good 2023

Just some dire Savant offensive numbers and whether or not they’re the results of accidents or age or accidents plus age, age is indisputably in there, and he’s no longer getting any more youthful.

And then there are the reputedly conflicting defensive numbers. I imply, we’ve already observed with our personal eyes that he can nonetheless makes some performs, however in step with SABR, whose Defensive Index quantity is a issue within the Gold Glove Award, Brandon Crawford is the worst shortstop within the National League. Oof, I say! Oof!

But as you can see with the Savant scores, he’s within the 94th percentile of outs above moderate. FanGraphs has him at +8.8 in Defensive Runs Above Average. Sure, near to part as good as he used to be closing season (+17.1), however no longer horrible! Seventh-best NL shortstop, and 18th-best defender in baseball. Just by means of their quantity.

Still, he’s going to want the ball to bop his method a little extra regularly than same old to stave off Father Time and bodily decline. The historical past of 36-year outdated shortstops or even 36-year outdated avid gamers is grim, however the historical past of success proves that success is a byproduct of preparation.

Diverse workout routines

Not simply weighted squats and even acupuncture and even yoga. I’m speaking Pilates. I’m speaking trampoline paintings. Rowing. Throwing other scenarios at your frame (throughout the offseason, after all!) to check what’s already constructed up but additionally encourage your muscle reminiscence. No reason why for the frame to be bored. Movement begets motion, and Crawford is taking part in a movement-heavy place.

Becoming extra versatile as one ages is hard, however no longer unimaginable, and all Crawford truly must do is introduce one or two new ideas into his coaching regiment to look effects.

PreserVision AREDS2 Eye Vitamins for Age-Related Macular Degeneration

My optometrist beneficial those to me after he discovered I used to be a sports activities blogger and my eye check stated I used to be dangerously on the subject of shedding my imaginative and prescient until I made some primary adjustments. Age-related imaginative and prescient loss isn’t any funny story, and even supposing baseball avid gamers have above moderate imaginative and prescient, age and screen-induced eye pressure are vital sufficient components to harm that.

Save your eyes save your profession, Brandon!

These are simply over-the-counter nutrients. They include a lot of zinc, even though, so you’ll want to take them (two a day) with a meal, in a different way you’ll get in poor health (lol me finding out that the arduous method). Also, and most likely most significantly, ensure not anything on this — Ascorbic acid, dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate, gelatin, glycerin, zinc oxide, marigold flower extract, medium chain triglycerides, carmine, zeaxanthin§, cupric oxide, titanium dioxide — is on MLB’s banned substance checklist!

Great vitamin

Crawford has a workforce nutritionist and quite a few cash to consume smartly when he’s clear of the workforce. This shouldn’t be a downside, but when he’s going to have one closing in reality nice season, I believe he’s going to have to combine up the vitamin simply a little bit. Maybe minimize out ice cream, only for the season. Maybe persist with arduous liquors as an alternative of beer. Black beans — a miracle!

I used to be in the most efficient form of my existence from 33-37 and it wasn’t as a result of I used to be thinner than I used to be prior to (lol and indisputably since), it’s as a result of I used to be taut. The quest for taut, then again you wish to have to get there, I believe is find out how to pass. Round edges and heart infielders aren’t a nice aggregate. If you wish to have to be fleet of foot, it is helping when your foot weighs much less.

Also, floss your enamel no less than each night time, as a result of flossing and center well being are hooked up.

Something to snigger at

With Brandon Belt nearly under no circumstances coming again subsequent season, that makes this recommendation particularly tough to navigate. There are few clowns alive on planet Earth at the moment which can be higher than Brandon Kyle Belt. Can’t dunk on Kapler, he’s the chief. The beginning pitchers are too intense. It could be unfair to seek out any of the relievers humorous, as a result of reduction pitchers are already so pitiable.

Buster Posey now being a phase proprietor of the workforce feels just like the absolute best new goal.

When Brandon Crawford realized that Buster Posey had grow to be his boss, in a way of talking, the longtime Giants shortstop took out his telephone and fired off a textual content to the membership’s latest essential spouse and government board member.

Just so you recognize what you’re coming into, I have heard that proudly owning a baseball workforce isn’t a moneymaking trade.


There have been best 355 avid gamers in MLB historical past (if I’m the use of Play Index appropriately) to have no less than 400 plate appearances of their age-36 season. That appears like a beneficiant quantity to pencil in Crawford for, however given his monitor document and until the Giants do signal one of the most unfastened agent shortstops this offseason, nonetheless turns out believable.

Anyway, 93 had an OPS+ of 100 or larger. 21 had an OPS+ of 90-99. 44 avid gamers from this century, and 18 since 2010. Josh Donaldson and Carlos Santana are two avid gamers in 2022 taking part in their age-36 seasons as mainly full-timers. Their OPS+s are 101 and 100, respectively.

Nothing in baseball can be regarded as a ensure, and plans regularly get blown up by means of a ball hitting the bottom or an umpire lacking a name or title your calamity. Brandon Crawford has been one of the vital constant Giants within the historical past of the franchise, and it’ll be bizarre when he’s long gone, however he nonetheless has yet another season, so let’s simply hope it’s good.

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