Shevchenko thanks Milan fans for support to Ukraine and gives thoughts on Pioli plus title win

Club legend Andriy Shevchenko has thanked all of those that supported the ‘AC Milan for Peace’ mission to assist the ones affected by the disaster in his local Ukraine.

When Russia invaded Ukraine previous this yr, Milan determined to take a look at to assist alleviate the humanitarian disaster in Shevchenko’s hometown and a fundraising effort for the Ukrainian Red Cross was once arrange, that includes a reproduction blouse commemorating the Manchester 2003 Champions League win.

We are actually months on from the preliminary invasion and the placement in Ukraine stays a daunting one, with Russian forces having left a path of destruction that has decimated as soon as proud and thriving puts, similar to Sheva’s house town.

Shevchenko spoke to Milan TV as a part of his look at Casa Milan to elevate the lid on what the cash will move in opposition to and additionally expose his feelings after seeing the group elevate the Scudetto on the finish of ultimate season, together with his feedback relayed via MilanInformation.

“I thank Fondazione Milan for the support it has given to Ukraine and all AC Milan fans who participated in the fundraising; we have created a beautiful project with the Council of Milan to help Ukrainian refugees and it is going well. All thanks to the Fondazione Milan and the Milan fans who participated. The whole world of sport responded well, not only with words but also with deeds,” he mentioned.

What shall be accomplished with the budget raised?

“A few weeks ago I was in Irpin, Ukraine, where 80% of the population was destroyed. The stadium, where I used to play as a child, is completely destroyed: the grandstand, the changing rooms and the synthetic that is full of bomb holes; but there, when I went, children were playing on it.

“I asked the mayor what could be done for the city and he said to me: the stadium. I asked why, since there are no schools and hospitals and he replied that people are working hard and we need to give children the opportunity to play and practice sports.

“What we are doing with Fondazione Milan is a project, reminiscent of the Manchester final, a special moment for me – among the most beautiful of my career – and for the AC Milan fans. I want to thank everyone who bought this shirt.”

What are your thoughts on Italian soccer?

“Italian football is growing: there is more internal competition, the level of athleticism and intensity has risen a lot and there are many good matches. There are many Scudetto teams.”

What do you recall to mind Pioli?

“Pioli did a great job; I have a lot of respect and admiration for him: he managed to transform the team into a winning team. It was wonderful to see Milan raise the Scudetto after so many years. It was a thrill to see so many AC Milan fans rejoice.”

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